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Picking Up A Quest

Any Templar can speak to their contacts in The Repentant at any time to see if they need any assistance or have heard of any new issues in their area. This inquiry will prompt the Templar with a few available “quests”. These roleplay prompts will be available for anyone to take on and complete together at any time.

Completing A Quest

Ideally a group of two or more Templars will get together and decide on a time and place (if one is not suggested by the quest) that best suits their schedules. After meeting up the group would commence roleplay using the “quest” as a guideline for why they’re there and what they’re doing.

Turning In A Quest

After the group handles the request they received from The Repentant they can write a journal to “turn in the quest”. The journal could be a recounting of events, the aftermath, or even a journal styled as a Mission Report. Additionally, multiple groups can complete the same quest if desired this will allow for mixing and mingling alts with more guild members. Journals should be tagged with #RepentantQuests.

Quest Rewards

Once an RP Council Member sees the journal reputation with The Repentant Faction will be rewarded. Reputation is totaled for the guild as a whole. Journal authors will also receive an infused ruby with an etching of an inverted naaru, known as the Mark of the Four, this currency can be spent with The Repentant’s Quartermaster.

Light Condemned

Location: The Ember Ward

Nadana finds a group of Templars and employs them for their aid. The Master’s stoneborn and a group of the Fearstalker’s hunters captured some of The Repentant’s newer members. Penitent Maahal and others from his overrun camp have been judged and sentenced to burn in The Ember Ward. She needs Templars to rescue her junior underling.

Objective: Host a small group roleplay where you and a few other Templars rescue Maahal and his companions. Report the rescue and any difficulties you had in a journal.

Neglected Garden

Location: Any Sinstone Area or Halls of Atonement

It’s not just devourers that are causing problems for them, but due to the realms unrest many Venthyr and dredger alike have been kept from their normal duties. Left undone even one as simple as maintaining the grounds can cause problems. One such problem has made itself known. A sinstone golem has amalgamated in one of the gardens and needs to be taken care of. The dredgers said this one seems to be rather powerful so be careful.

Objective: Host a small group roleplay where you and a few other Templars find and dismantle a massive sinstone golem. Write a journal reporting how Templars handled the golem for The Repentant.

Dedication Desiccation

Location: Theater of Pain

Many of our contenders have fallen in the arena. Gather their bodies and bring them back here so that we may properly salt the dead.

Objective: Host a small group roleplay where you and a few other Templars gather up deceased arena contenders. If enough gather, the event will be interrupted by pit matches, and the Templars will need to defeat one or two pit champions.

Quest for Maldracite

Location: House of Rituals or House of Plagues

Maldracite is a special crystalline material that can be used to hold anima or, as Nadana said, souls. A useful magical tool but not one easily acquired. The House of Rituals and its members largely employees these. If you want one you’re going to have to steal it. You can go straight to the House of Rituals itself or you may be able to find some still in acceptable use near the House of Plagues. Bring it back here and I will get someone to make sure it’s functional and show you how to use it.

Requirement: DMed Event. Reach out to High Fervent Druum or one of the RP Council members for support with this quest.

Objective: Host a small group roleplay where you and a few other Templars sneak into the House of Rituals or around the ruins of the House of Plagues and find a Maldracite Crystal that isn’t damaged and seems of an appropriate size.

Roll the Souls to Fill the Holes

Location: Ardenweald (anywhere)

While in recovery Nemalu sends the Templars out with an anima pod in order to collect more lost anima.

Objective: Host a small group roleplay where you and a few other Templars gather anima from pods and cones around certain areas. Shimmerfall and Tirna Scythe are solid potential options. As the pod gets more full, it grows in size, until eventually reaching a state where it’s like a boulder that has to be rolled. Write a journal to report the group’s success.

Forsworn Recon

Location: Near the Citadel of Loyalty or Eternal Forge

The Forsworn have been very quiet lately. There is a camp in the northern reaches of Bastion we want you to spy on. See what they’re up to and report back what you find.

Objective: Host a small group roleplay where you and a few other Templars to spy on one of the Forsworn camps. Whether or not you engage them is up to the group. Report back what you see and any speculations you have in a journal.

Undead, Unwelcome

Location: Near the Temple of Courage

The Maldraxxi are still holding ground along our eastern borders. Root out their forces and destroy the large crystal that is gathering anima from the surrounding area so it can be returned to Bastion.

Objective: Host a small group roleplay where you and a few other Templars attack a camp of Maldraxxi soldiers protecting a large maldracite crystal. Fight your way through the soldiers and destroy the crystal. Write a journal to submit your report on how Templars managed this feat.

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