The path to Dawnkeep was a long one. But it was not difficult. Along with Morwel were some of the most seasoned and battle ready of Templars. The ghouls provided little challenge along the way, but they are not to be dismissed. They travel in groups and attack anyone they can ambush in some frenzied attempt to find relief from the strange beams of light coming through the cloud barrier in Rivendreth. As the Deathknight waited, she began to write her report:

The fort proper is defensible. It only has two access points. The primary bridge to the front gate and a small path leading to the graveyard below. This side path is infested with hounds and on occasion a stray ghoul seeking refuge from the light. My recommendation is to place no less than three guards on this path in alternating shifts. The walls of Dawnkeep are strong and the cliffs around its base are sheer. Air threats are still a possibility as their is a lack of rampart around the keep. Our forces are more than capable of defending this position in the future, but without proper air deterrence, we may have serious damage to our forces.
-Morwel Starseeker

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