[GW2]  Reforged — Part 2

His feet sank deep, crunch, crunch, crunch, dark legs clad in dark and stained in white, disappearing in the thick white below. Norn loved the cold, this was a well known fact. Yet, this norn was wearing one extra layer of fur over his clothes, plus a long cape that dragged in the snow and […]

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[GW2] Reforged — Part 1

[The events of that journal happen between the end of Path of Fire and before the end of LW season 4] ————————————————————————————————————————————————— It twitched. Among all the things Fiel had witnessed when retrieving the arm, this was what bothered him the most: it twitched. Still. The metallic limb rested over the little research station the […]

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[GW2] Okay, This Looks Bad

“Rikvi!” Brigid exclaimed as soon as she opened the door to the work room. “Ceridwen! I thought you’d want to know about the weird stuff we saw today!” Rikvi just turned and blinked owlishly. She didn’t even muster a hello, just…stared. Her various trains of thought  collided and left her brain a tangle of math […]

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