[GW2] — Rime and Madness

He sucks the air through his teeth and bunches up the fur around his neck. The frigid lodge barely warms up, Fiel’s meager fire is not enough to fight the dragon’s icy taint on the ravaged home. It’s eerily silent. No light, save for the little flames at his feet. Charred remnants of hunting trophies […]

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[GW2] — Letter to Nemo

Nemo You don’t need to keep hurting. I’ve seen how it affects you, your life. For a long time, I thought that bearing the pain was what made one strong. That suffering was the way towards progress. Towards fulfillment. Towards redemption. It’s not. Pain holds you back. It cripples you, beyond the physical. It took […]

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[GW2]  Never Again

This was it. One whole year in the making, and he was finally seeing the end of it. One whole year after that little bounty slip up. He’d been cocky, had underestimated his target, got caught. His staff: smashed. An ebony shaft with a mithril head with rune-carved moon crescents, and dangles of pure silver. […]

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[GW2]  Reforged — Part 2

His feet sank deep, crunch, crunch, crunch, dark legs clad in dark and stained in white, disappearing in the thick white below. Norn loved the cold, this was a well known fact. Yet, this norn was wearing one extra layer of fur over his clothes, plus a long cape that dragged in the snow and […]

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[GW2] Reforged — Part 1

[The events of that journal happen between the end of Path of Fire and before the end of LW season 4] ————————————————————————————————————————————————— It twitched. Among all the things Fiel had witnessed when retrieving the arm, this was what bothered him the most: it twitched. Still. The metallic limb rested over the little research station the […]

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[GW2] Okay, This Looks Bad

“Rikvi!” Brigid exclaimed as soon as she opened the door to the work room. “Ceridwen! I thought you’d want to know about the weird stuff we saw today!” Rikvi just turned and blinked owlishly. She didn’t even muster a hello, just…stared. Her various trains of thought  collided and left her brain a tangle of math […]

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